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Whether at home or in the workplace, it is recommended that asbestos testing and asbestos removal works should be carried out by a professional asbestos removal company to minimise the risk to yourself and others around you. Asbestos was widely used in the past as a building material and for fire protection and insulation, but it has since been recognised as a potentially hazardous substance that should be dealt with by a professional asbestos contractor.
Asbestos Surveying Prior to any work being undertaken by ADSL, we always visit our clients to carry out a survey. This allows us to identify areas of asbestos decontamination and prepare detailed proposals in order to complete the work.
The key to managing asbestos is to: - Identify its location - Through laboratory testing identify its type - Ascertain its condition - Work out how much you have of the material
All   ADSL   asbestos   removal   is   undertaken   by   teams   of   fully   qualified   ADSL   operatives, working   with   our   site   specific   method   statement   and   risk   assessment.   On   removal,   the asbestos   waste   is   immediately   double-bagged   in   clearly   identifiable   bags   and   placed into   a   sealed   lockable   asbestos   waste   skip.   The   skip   is   taken   directly   to   a   Hazardous Waste Regulation Authority approved disposal site by an approved waste carrier.
Asbestos Removal
Asbestos Abatement Asbestos Abatement is usually carried out after an Asbestos Survey Report.
Safety and efficiency are two of our topmost concerns where asbestos abatement is concerned and it is our aim to cause the minimum amount of disruption whilst at the same time minimising health risk to those that work around us.
Since 2002 we have successfully undertaken asbestos abatement in a wide range of government, commercial and residential buildings.
  ADSL   have   performed   many   large   scale   internal   strips   on   various   buildings,   such   as industrial, commercial, domestic including listed buildings.
Soft Stripping
Manage Asbestos