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Lagging / Thermal Insulation
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This term covers a wide range of materials including pipe sections, slabs, rope, tape, paper, quilts, felts, blankets and plastered cement. Lagging may have a protective covering of cloth, tape, paper, metal or cement. Any asbestos type may be found in lagging. Quilts, mattresses and blankets may contain up to 100% asbestos. Asbestos lagging was widely used in public buildings, factories and hospitals as pipe and plant insulation. Quilts are common on steam boilers. Asbestos rope was found around pipe work or used as gaskets. A small number of houses have "loose-fill" asbestos loft or duct insulation.
Asbestos has also been used as insulation between floors. Lagging is susceptible to damage unless well coated due to leaks from pipes or boilers.