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Asbestos Insulation Board
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This has a density of approximately 700kg/cu.m and contains about 16-40% asbestos mixed with hydrated Portland cement or calcium silicate. It is often referred to by the trade name "Asbestolux". Crocidolite was used in some asbestos insulating boards but they are generally formed from Amsoite with a small amount of Chryslotile. Asbestos insulating board was widely used as fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation, for resistance to moisture and as general building boards but they are generally formed from Amosite with a small amount of Chrsotile.
It is often found as ceiling tiles, firebreaks, infill panels, wall linings, bath panels, external canopies, porch linings and in ducts. Asbestos insulating board linings are found as cladding infill panels, oven linings and suspended floor systems. Asbestos insulating board can be very friable when damaged.